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Thursday, October 18

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Midnight Spin Bowery Electric Thomas Simon The Delancey (Upstairs) Fantasy Rainbow Pianos Upstairs Lawrence Arabia Alphabet Lounge Alex and Janel Rockwood Music Hall Stage 1 Autumn Owls Fat Baby Busy Living Santos Party House Basement Gabriel Bruce Bowery Ballroom Hard Nips Spike Hill Mauricio Pessoa ZirZamin Project E.A.R [East Asian Revolution] Fontanas Shakey Graves Rebel Soho Kings Arlene's Grocery The Mean Season Ella The Virginmarys Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2 Tiny Victories Pianos Bloksberg Brooklyn Bowl Cinema Cinema Grand Victory Don't Grand Victory Gentlemen Grand Victory Hundred Waters Brooklyn Bowl Jensen Sportag (DJ) Brooklyn Bowl Mac DeMarco Brooklyn Bowl Special Guest Brooklyn Bowl The Netherlands Grand Victory ZZZ's Grand Victory 20 Grand Picasso Tammany Hall Aaron Reid Tammany Hall Avery Storm Tammany Hall AX Tammany Hall Boola Tammany Hall DJ Dirtyfinger Tammany Hall DJ Messkid Tammany Hall DJ Mischief Tammany Hall Doe B Tammany Hall Fred the Godson Tammany Hall G. Blanco Tammany Hall Gliffics (band) Tammany Hall Grav Tammany Hall J-Lie Tammany Hall Kris Kasanova Tammany Hall L.E.P Boys Tammany Hall Mickey Factz Tammany Hall Mirk (Band) Tammany Hall Na, Tee Tammany Hall Ninjasonic Tammany Hall Rob Fresh Tammany Hall Ronnie James Tammany Hall Say It Ain't Tone Tammany Hall Sonny Carson Tammany Hall Spenzo Tammany Hall Squalla Orphan Tammany Hall The Golden Pony (DJ Set) Tammany Hall The Kid Daytona & Mackie Tammany Hall The Mafia Tammany Hall Troy Ave Tammany Hall Young Chris Tammany Hall Epic Tammany Hall Say It Ain't Tone Tammany Hall T.J. AKA T-Breezy Tammany Hall The Golden Pony Set (DJ Set) Tammany Hall

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