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Riccardo Zane

As an experienced marketing executive, I believe in the power of motivated fans and artists to change the music industry. I believe in new ways to listen. To perform. To discover. To share. To grow.

I help companies grow ideas that matter.

I do this by creating transformational experiences for consumers that grow into loyal relationships, profitable business impact, and positive cultural and social growth. My work with startups and bluechip marketers alike has shown me that great ideas MUST also align great ideas with passionate consumer interests, disciplined effort, constant innovation and corporate transparency to thrive.

With the benefit of incredibly gifted people and committed teams at Zane Collective, Blast Radius, Agency.com, TBWA, Ogilvy and Leo Burnett I have helped nurture positive growth at RockStar Motel, Nike, Jordan, Disney, Miller, Unilever, British Airways, Microsoft, HP, P&G, Kraft, Nestle, Kellogg and LG Electronics.